Warm congratulations on XINGSHEN was identified as pudong new area of enterprise research and development institutions

According to the pudong new area of research and development of enterprise institution decides that the measures for the administration of the provisions and requirements of pudong new area branch economic commission recently completed the 2019 annual enterprise examination and approval work of research and development institutions, XINGSHEN Instrument through strict assessment, identified as enterprise research and development institutions, pudong new area was awarded honorary certificates.

The cognizance of “pudong new area of research and development of enterprise institution” is the important measure to realize the high-tech industrialization, to foster and support with core competitiveness and high-end of the capability of independent innovation, high efficiency, high-tech enterprise, key support services and strategic emerging industries and high technology.

In the XINGSHEN Instrument operating conditions, such as r&d situation carries on the comprehensive review, pudong new area branch economic commission concluded that star” instrument research and development institutions, for the enterprise on behalf of the pudong economic commission for my company’s comprehensive strength and the height of the research and development capabilities. This is my company adhere to science and technology as the guide, to innovation as the power of a big achievement. The results obtained, it is a powerful company long-term adherence to the technical innovation.

Future XINGSHEN Instrument will continue to increase investment in r&d and accelerate the application of new technology, further enhance enterprise competition strength, boost national instrument technology and economic development.