Solutions for any application conditions

Xingshen Instrument has its unique professional knowledge in the field of level instrument measurement technology.?In addition to standard application conditions, we are also demonstrating our capabilities under challenging application conditions that require customized solutions.?For us, we are customer-oriented during the development phase.?Therefore, many products developed by us and our customers have become current industry standards.

These devices are characterized by high accuracy and reliability even in difficult environments.?The full range of level switches completes Cologne’s level combination.?Even in challenging applications, for example, under high temperature and pressure, Xingshen Instruments can provide customers with corresponding solutions.

Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge

The magnetic flap level gauge is a floating ball type metal tube on-site indicator type level gauge.?UHZ-517 series is the main star product of Shanghai Xingshen Instrument Co., Ltd.?The series of products can measure the liquid level safely and reliably under the conditions of high sealing, anti-leakage, high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity, and strong corrosiveness. The whole process of measurement has no blind spots, the display is eye-catching, the reading is intuitive, and the measurement range is large. Position alarm and control switch can realize upper and lower limit alarm and control of liquid level and interface level. Equipped with LB type liquid level transmitter, it can convert liquid level and interface signal into two-wire 4-20mADC standard signal. Remote detection, indication, recording and control.?The series of products are widely used for liquid level measurement and control in the production process of electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, shipbuilding, construction, food and other industries.

Technical Parameters

Measuring range: 300~15000mm

Accuracy:? ±5mm & ±10mm

Medium density: ≥350kg/m3

Medium density difference: ≥150kg/m3

Environmental vibration: ≤25Hz, amplitude: ≤0.5mm

Following speed: ≤0.08m/s

Medium viscosity: ≤0.4PaS

Glass Plate Liquid Level Gauge

UB series ordinary, high temperature, high pressure, low temperature anti-frost, large diameter glass plate level gauge can be directly used to indicate the level of the medium in various industrial containers.?Heat-treated borosilicate glass is used below the working temperature of 260℃, and aluminosilicate glass specially processed by heat treatment is used above 260℃, which can withstand the medium temperature of 420℃.?Cover a layer of mica on the wetted surface.

UBD type large diameter glass plate level gauge is specially designed and manufactured for liquid level measurement of viscous medium in petrochemical equipment.?The instrument has a large measuring range, large caliber, fast flow rate, no blockage, and no blind areas at both ends. It is mainly used for on-site indication of the liquid level of amorphous media in petrochemical equipment, especially for flammable, explosive and viscous media Level measurement.

UBDD type anti-frost type low temperature glass plate level gauge is designed for measuring the liquid level of low temperature medium. The liquid level of the measured medium can be clearly observed through the anti-frost fin.?The instrument structure is simple, safe and reliable, and durable.

Technical Parameters

Installation center distance: L=300, 500, 800, 1100, 1400, 1700mm special size specified by users.

Pressure rating: PN2.5, PN4.0, PN6.4, PN10, PN16MPa Class150, Class300, Class600, Class900

Valve automatic closing pressure: >0.2MPa

Steam heating jacket pressure: 0.6MPa

Steam jacket joint: G1/2〃 external thread

Wetted material: carbon steel Q235-A, 20 well; stainless steel 321, 304, 316L

Color Quartz Glass Tube Liquid Level Gauge

UGS series colored quartz glass level gauges are manufactured by Shanghai Xingshen Instrument Co., Ltd. using high-purity quartz tubes (99.99% SiQ?2?).?The instrument has clear display, good sealing performance, high temperature resistance, high pressure, anti-sticky, long life, easy washing, and easy maintenance. It is widely used in the liquid level detection and indication of various containers and boilers in the petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgical and other industries. It is suitable for the measurement of colorless and transparent liquids (such as water, liquid chlorine, light oil, liquefied gas, propylene, etc.).

Technical Parameters

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 304SS, 316L,

Transparent quartz tube: special 99.99% SiQ?2

Working pressure: 0.6, 1.6, 2.5, 4.0MPa

Working temperature: -50~450℃

Measuring range: maximum allowable 2500mm

Process connection: DN20 (or DN25, DN40) convex surface (or plane), flange standard HG20592~20635-97, other flange standards please specify.

Optional: heating steam jacket, heating circulating water jacket;

Automatic sealing pressure of steel ball: ≥0.2MPa