According to the vocabulary, you can choose the instrument suitable for your application level gauge:

The magnetic Liquid level gauge is a floating ball type metal tube on-site indicator type level gauge, which can achieve high sealing, leakage prevention and safe and reliable measurement of liquid level under high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity, and strong corrosive conditions.?The whole process of measurement has no blind spots, the display is eye-catching, the reading is intuitive, and the measurement range is large. Equipped with liquid level alarm and control switch, the upper and lower limit alarms and control of the liquid level or interface level can be realized, and the LB liquid level transmitter is equipped. , Can convert the liquid level and interface level signals into two-wire 4-20mADC standard signals to realize remote detection, indication, recording and control.?It is widely used for liquid level measurement and control in the production process of electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, shipbuilding, construction, food and other industries.


Suitable for visibility cleaning in normal occasions


High temperature and low pressure type:?UHZ-517C11

High temperature and medium pressure type:?UHZ-517C12A

High temperature and high pressure type:?UHZ-517C12B??|??UHZ-517C12C??|??UHZ-517C12D??|??UHZ-517C12E

Low temperature anti-frost type:?UHZ-517C13??|??UHZ-517C13A

Liquid and gas special type:?UHZ-517C14

Corrosion resistant type:?UHZ-517C15A??|??UHZ-517C15B??|??UHZ-517C15C??|??UHZ-517C16??|??UHZ-517C17??|??UHZ-517C19

Special type for liquid sulfur:?UHZ-517C20

Very small density liquid gas medium type:?UHZ-517C21

Low pressure thin tube type (1〃main tube):?UHZ-517C22

Medicine, food hygiene type:?UHZ-517C23

Large and medium storage high viscosity internal float type:?UHZ-517F60

Top mounting type:?UHZ-517T14??|??UHZ-517T30??|??UHZ-517T32??|??UHZ-517T33??|??UHZ-517T34??|??UHZ-517T34A??|??UHZ-517T35??|??UHZ-517T35A??|??UHZ-517T36?|??UHZ-517T37??|??UHZ-517T38

Double cavity and double liquid type:?UHZ-517C70??|??UHZ-517C80

Magnetic-sensitive LED two-color light column level gauge:?UHZ-517C90