• 2018

    China’s nuclear strategy cooperation

  • 1994


    Increase with the Shanghai Shi Dongkou gasworks cooperation, provide the magnetic level gauge and magnetic liquid level transmitter products; Complete with Shanghai coking trigeneration project; Participation in the Shanghai chemical plant renovation project of nanjing university; Strategic cooperation with Shanghai baosteel.


  • 1993

    Explore and develop

    Successively with approximately five factory, seven, eight factory in Shanghai, Shanghai, dinan poplar distributes power plant power plant, minhang power plants, xu computed.in thermal power plant, Shi Dongkou power plant, Shanghai jinshan thermal power plant, Shanghai gaoqiao thermal power plant, coking plant in Shanghai, Shanghai wusong fertilizer plant, Shanghai zhenhua paint factory, Shanghai Lin paint, Shanghai chlor-alkali factory, Shanghai internal combustion engine research institute, Shanghai wusong gas plant and other cooperation.

  • 1992

    Shanghai Xingshen Instrument Co.,Ltd.Company was set up.

    Xingshen at the end of 1991, Shanghai Xingshen Instrument co., LTD., founder of the” Chen Yao “, magnetic level gauge bundle of royal type level gauge transducer is developed and insertion type inspcetion liquid level transmitter, solves the magnetic level gauge far more secondary signal transmission problems. Founded in early 1992 and the Shanghai Xingshen Instrument co., LTD.