Suitable for measuring technology in a wide range of industries, services and know-how

Xingshen (FOXC) as an instrument manufacturer, is committed to the global industry users, provide advanced and reliable measurement technique. Star “FOXC not only provide products and solutions for the customers, and always in terms of quality, performance, service and design meet even far beyond customers’ expectations.

In all walks of life, FOXC are able to provide users with suitable for almost all medium measuring instrument and analytical instruments, and, with decades of professional knowledge and many excellent employees, makes FOXC can also for you in the design points and choosing equipment and systems to provide effective technical support. This makes FOXC can not only satisfy the user’s regular application, more can provide customized solutions for the needs of users. In the course of more than ninety years, has the rich experience of the application of the FOXC successfully to help the masses of users, in a safe, reliable, economic, profit, the way of environmental protection, manages its technological process. This is global companies like choose star “measurement technology, some of the clients is the use of FOXC products for decades.

Click on the related industries, can refer to the information industry. If you didn’t find the corresponding applications, please contact us, and let us know your working condition of the measurement and analysis. We are looking forward to cooperate with you, and for you to customize the suitable solution.