Is applicable to any application conditions of the solution

Shanghai XINGSHEN Instrument in the field of material level meter measuring technology has its unique professional knowledge. In addition to standard application conditions, we also need to customized solutions in a challenging and application conditions to show our ability. For us, we are customer oriented at development stage. As a result, many products developed by our and customer cooperation has become the current industry standard.

The characteristics of these devices is also in a difficult environment can have high accuracy and reliability. A full range of material level switch satisfactory level combination of cologne. Even in challenging applications, for example, under high temperature and pressure, the star “instrument can also provide the corresponding solutions.

On-site indicator level gauge

XINGSHEN the level meter can provide you with site, no matter you are what kind of occasion; XINGSHEN can accurate design instrument product for you.

Level Transmitter

Suitable for chemical industry, electric power, papermaking, food, environmental protection, urban construction, nuclear power and other industries.

Level Switch

XINGSHEN according to your using environment, occasions such as design and manufacture for you specially suitable for your level switch.